Many of us are familiar with the role of ultrasound in diagnostic medicine.   When my wife and I were expecting, we had several ultrasound the time I was observing both the images on the screen and the Sonographer's hands as she deftly navigated the console in front of her.  It may seem inappropriate to be geeking out at a time like this, but I couldn't help myself.   Years before, I had designed this product, the S-Series by Sonosite - which was not intended solely for diagnostic medicine, but also for medical procedures such as nerve blocks and catheter insertion.  For the first time, medical practitioners without a sonographer's training had access to ultrasound technology:  we replaced a complicated matrix of controls and features with a task-based step-by-step menu system, and made the two most commonly used adjustments (depth and gain) the prominent controls on the system.  The S-series revolutionized procedural medicine by allowing doctors and technicians to look inside the body quickly and effortlessly.