The innovation of the Smart Touch lock comes from two primary sources:  the integration of the lock into the window structure itself (which gives the lock it's improved strength and low-profile, streamlined appearance), and the way in which the lock combines the act of unlocking the window with the action of opening the window.  No other lock does that.  In the past, you either had to move the lock out of the way with your fingers, or pinch the lock and lift.   With the SmartTouch lock, you simply lift the lever with your hand and lift the window at the same time.  Locking is just as easy, just pull the window down until the lock snaps shut automatically.  While this difference may be a small improvement for some, it is a great improvement for others.   The SmartTouch Window Lock is the first product in this category to receive an Ease of Use Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.