It is rare opportunity to improve an everyday interaction, evolve a product category and touch the lives of generations with one single design project.   Fortunately for me, that's precisely what Milgard asked us to do when they came to Carbon Design Group with the opportunity to design their next generation of window hardware.  For many years, Milgard has led the industry in window and door manufacturing, and they were the first to introduce the innovative PAL (Positive Action Lock) a decade before.  For years, they licensed the PAL lock from an outside vendor, but in the future they wanted to vertically integrate the lock into their business.  They came to us with two goals in mind:  first, since they could design and manufacture the window to suit any solution, we were given the go-ahead to integrate the lock INTO the window the window sash, which was a ground-breaking move.   Second, they wanted to make a leap forward in the industry and improve the performance of the lock in a profound way.  That is precisely what Smart Touch does.