Form follows function is not a standard formula for digital devices...and nor should it be in every case.   Maya is one example, however, where this formula works exceptionally well.  I designed this for a content provider (who shall not be named) who had a glimpse into the as-yet unreleased iPad and was entertaining the idea of producing their own tablet which catered directly to their own content.   I wanted to show them what using Intel Atom instead of ARM could do in terms of form factor, and also get into the idea of what a tablet could be (I didn't yet know what Apple was up to, but I knew a tablet of some sort was coming).   Maya takes three primary factors into account:  internal component architecture, the human body and ergonomic needs, and the external environment, and is an expression of those three elements coming together.   I was able to fit the tall components near the top, which made room for the battery down below, which made the balance perfect for the handheld use.   Then the unique structure of the back makes gripping with the hands feel good and presents a platform for using the tablet at a friendly angle on a flat surface.  In a product category where getting as thin as possible means everything, I think sometimes a little thickness in the right place can have a very positive effect.