The Right Details

Now that we had the ergonomics and architecture sorted out, it was time to get deep into the details of how this camera should feel and behave.  When it comes to the controls you find on today's cameras, this is an area we all felt strongly we could improve upon.  The first order of business was to develop a stronger relationship between software and hardware than you typically find in a high-end camera.  The physical controls are carefully curated to provide a balance between staying engaged with your subject (use your hands, not your eyes to select and change settings), and creating engagement with the software experience (using the GUI to adjust, share and compose after the shot has been taken).  

Also, we wanted to take a fresh look at so many details that are typically "leftovers" in a high-end camera.  My personal favorite is the approach we took with the hotshoe - rather than purchasing an off the shelf component, we found a way to integrate the hotshoe right into the lens barrel.  Just one simple detail that makes a big difference and drops a clue that there is something remarkable about this camera.  Another win came with the strap lug design - we visited local camera shops and found that straps with quick releases were hands-down best sellers.  So we built a quick release mechanism into the strap lug itself so you can make any strap a quick release strap.